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I believe that certain factors—fundamental characteristics like earnings, cash flows and balance sheet strength—predispose investments to outperform. These themes transcend asset classes and are applicable at the global macro level as well. Fundamentals matter. I am a student of behavioral finance, as it tends to explain much in markets. Unfortunately, investors are often their own worst enemy when making investment decisions. Clouded by a 24 hour news cycle, an abundance of actionable information, and constant pressure to perform, investors are overwhelmed. I examine investment themes that are informed by deep historical research and are timely given the current market environment.

The Author: Ehren Stanhope, CFA


I am an avid reader, a lover of travel and a proud New Orleanian. I am a Principal at O'Shaughnessy Asset Management, and am pursuing an Executive MBA at the Yale School of Management. I live with my wife an son in the concrete jungle that is New York.


Twitter: @FactorInvestor